RESINAS CASTRO focuses its industrial activity on chemical products commercialisation. Aware of the high requirements demanded by its customers and the pressure of competition, the organization defines as its ultimate goal to increase the satisfaction of its current customers and demonstrate to potential customers the ability to offer a quality service that meets all their demands, the management of Resinas Castro, considers Quality, the priority factor in the exercise of its activity, under this purpose, RESINAS CASTRO has implemented a Quality Management System, under the referential UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, based on the following principles:

- To achieve the highest level of competitiveness and ensure that all our products and services meet the quality specifications agreed with customers.

- To provide a fast and reliable response in all activities, from administrative to operational processes, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

- To enhance our employees training and motivation, in order to gradually improve the activities organisation, the products management and the services provided.

- To assume, apply and enforce, the legislation in each of the fields in which RESINAS CASTRO carries out its activity.

- Continuous commitment to improvement, defining actions, which are the key to providing our best response to each of our customers demands.

In order to ensure the effective Quality Policy application, RESINAS CASTRO establishes annual objectives that are continuously monitored. This policy, which affects and is the responsibility of each and every one of the members of the organisation, is communicated to the entire company for its knowledge, understanding and compliance and is available to any person or entity that requests it.

Approved and signed by Alejandro Castro de la Iglesia.

Resinas Castro Manager 03/01/2019