Las presentes condiciones generales de contratación, junto al formulario web de pedido que se envía al aceptarlas, suponen el contrato entre Resinas Castro, SL, en adelante LA EMPRESA, y cualquier usuario que realice la compra, su inscripción o matriculación en un curso o programa formativo ofrecido a través de la página web

When sending your request, you must tick the box "I have read and agree with the general conditions of sale", which appears next to the order form. By ticking this box, the user declares to have read the present conditions, declares to accept them and gives his express consent to all the contents of the contract in the version published at the time of acceptance, committing himself unreservedly to their fulfilment.


Estas condiciones generales de contratación tienen por objeto regular los términos y condiciones en los que LA EMPRESA ofrecerá información sobre la programación del programa formativo / curso al usuario que haya formalizado, en tiempo y forma y con plena eficacia, la debida matrícula o inscripción. Del mismo modo, las presentes condiciones generales constituyen el contrato de prestación de servicios de formación que el usuario suscribe con LA EMPRESA con respecto al programa formativo / curso objeto de contratación.

These general terms and conditions will also be available to users on the website.

The following is the contractual document that will govern the contracting of the training programme/course between the contracting parties.

Acceptance of this document implies that the user:

  • You have read, understand and comprehend the above.
  • That you are a person with sufficient capacity to contract.
  • That it assumes all obligations hereunder.

These conditions shall be valid for an indefinite period of time and in each specific case until the end of the programme / course and shall also apply to all bookings made through the website.

LA EMPRESA se reserva el derecho de modificar unilateralmente dichas condiciones, sin que ello pueda afectar a los bienes o promociones que fueron adquiridos previamente a la modificación.


Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, these General Conditions are applicable to all training programmes / courses offered by Resinas Castro, S.L. Porriño, Polígono Industrial A Granxa, 3ª paralela, C/ C Cíes 190, Pontevedra - Spain with CIF Nº B-36640811, offered through the website


The provision of services assumed by THE COMPANY is, in general, without prejudice to those that may be specifically contracted from time to time, the provision of training programmes, carried out by itself or in collaboration with other entities.

The services corresponding to the prescribed courses will be provided under the terms, prices, form, manner and circumstances indicated in the individual product sheets on the aforementioned web pages.

Via the website it is possible to contract different training modalities:

Prescribed courses in online mode.

Prescribed courses in face-to-face modality.

Depending on the course contracted, the materials that make up the training programme of each course will be made available to the student, and may consist of videos, audios, work materials, documents on paper or downloadable in PDF, or a combination of all or part of them.


In order to contract any of THE COMPANY's preset online courses, the user must click on the link provided for this purpose and will automatically be redirected to the registration form in which he/she must provide his/her personal data, as well as proceed to full payment of the course by the means of payment available.

In the case of face-to-face courses, once the purchase process has been completed satisfactorily, the purchase will be confirmed and the necessary information on the timetable and location of the event will be provided within 24 hours by e-mail.


The user, depending on the type of payment method chosen to make the purchase, will be able to access the preset courses in online mode immediately after receiving the order confirmation email, or once we check that we have received the payment. The user will have access to the training for which he/she has registered, during the period of validity of his/her registration, which will be 2 years af the moment of purchase. At the end of this 2-year period, you can renew your access to the course for €75+VAT for each additional year of access.

Prescribed hace-to-face based courses are subject to the specified timetable and venue.


Los cursos consisten en formación de carácter no reglado de las enseñanzas que se imparten y los diplomas o certificados que, en su caso, se expidan no tienen naturaleza oficial, aunque sí el aval del conocimiento y experiencia de los más de 50 años en el mercado de Resinas Castro, S.L. (Castro Composites).


The prices of the preset courses, both online and face-to-face, are those in force on the website at the time of purchase. On the page of each course located on the website, each price, PVP, is reflected. In the case of classroom courses and unless otherwise specified, in no case do they include travel expenses or meals.

All course prices include V.A.T. or tax applicable in each case.

The prices shown on may be revised and updated at any time, the prices applied at the time of purchase being valid. On certain dates there may be discounts and promotions that reduce the RRP.

Discounted prices and promotions cannot be combined with other offers and are only applicable for the duration of the discount or promotion.

The corresponding invoice will be issued detailing the Value Added Tax (VAT) which, where applicable, corresponds according to the rate applicable at any given time. The user expressly consents to the issue of the simplified electronic invoice. This consent may be revoked by sending an e-mail to this effect.


You will be able to pay by the means available at the time of contracting.

Pago mediante tarjeta de crédito/débito: Si realizas el pago haciendo uso de estas modalidades, estás garantizando que tienes plena autorización para el uso de la tarjeta en el proceso de contratación. El cargo en la tarjeta se realizará en tiempo real a través del TPV virtual de la entidad bancaria, una vez comprobada la corrección de tus datos. No almacenaremos ninguno de los datos de la tarjeta. En el momento de la tramitación del pedido, los datos de la tarjeta se transmitirán cifrados y de forma absolutamente segura, con la finalidad exclusiva de la realización del pago a la entidad financiera del importe correspondiente al pedido realizado.

The credit cards will be subject to checks and authorisations by the card issuer, but if the card issuer does not authorise the payment, we cannot consider the purchase contract to be formalised.

Payment by Paypal: If you make the payment using this method, you are guaranteeing that you have full authorisation for the use of the Paypal account in the contracting process. We will not store any of the card details or payment method accepted by the Paypal gateway. At the time of processing the order, the data will be transmitted encrypted and absolutely secure, for the sole purpose of making the payment of the amount corresponding to the order placed.

Las operaciones realizadas a través de Paypal, están sujetas a comprobaciones y autorizaciones por parte de
la entidad emisora de las mismas, pero si dicha entidad no autorizase el pago, o bien lo retuviese para cualquier tipo de comprobación, no podemos considerar formalizado el contrato de compra, hasta que esta se complete.

Payment by bank transfer: If you make the payment by this method, you must make the transfer to the account number that we indicate in the purchase process, indicating in the subject line the course to which the payment refers. In order to speed up the verification of the payment, we recommend that you send a copy of the transfer receipt by e-mail to


THE TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE contracted consists of pre-recorded lessons and/or face-to-face sessions, given by the teaching staff assigned to it, which, together with the contents of the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE, are listed and explained in detail on the website


THE COMPANY reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, the necessary modifications to the programme of the courses, being able to update and adjust the contents as long as the original aims of the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE are respected and maintained and with the aim of carrying out improvements for the user.

In the event of any incident or delay in the start of the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE, THE COMPANY undertakes to take the necessary steps to speed up the start of the training programme / COURSE and will communicate this as soon as possible.

In the case of TRAINING PROGRAMMES / PRESENT COURSES when situations of exceptional force such as force majeure, emergencies of any kind, natural disasters, epidemics, etc... occur, if your trip is not possible on the booked date, you can rebook for the next available training, or cancel your training programme / course free of charge, guaranteeing THE COMPANY the planning and communication to users so that they can keep track of the classes / seminars.

Recovery of sessions/seminars: Seminars missed for reasons beyond THE COMPANY'S control will not be made up under any circumstances.

Likewise, electronic devices may not be used during face-to-face seminars for purposes other than those necessary for their proper follow-up.

Language of the seminars of the TRAINING PROGRAMME

The languages in which the seminars of the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE are taught are Spanish and English.

Teaching staff

THE COMPANY will designate the teaching staff for the different subjects to be taught, all of them being professionals of reference in the field.
LA EMPRESA, sin previo aviso, podrá sustituir a los profesores, de forma temporal o permanente, debido a cualquier razón interna. LA EMPRESA garantiza actuar siempre con la mayor diligencia exigible en la sustitución, procurando la cualificación, categoría y experiencia de los nuevos profesores asignados.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the contents of the courses are protected by intellectual property rights and it is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute all or part of these videos, pdfs or any content provided during the course.

The user undertakes to comply with the technical requirements for accessing the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE, which are set out on the website

Modality Pre-recorded Videos

THE COMPANY provides training services through the website by offering different video courses/video e-learning that have a limited duration and are organised according to their subject matter.

The choice and payment of the Video-course / Video e-learning by one of the methods indicated on the site grants the user the right to view each training course as many times as he/she wishes for a period of 2 years from its purchase.

By purchasing the Video-course/Video e-learning, the user does not acquire the right to exploit them in any way. In particular, he/she is not entitled to reproduce, distribute, transform or publicly communicate the Video-course/Video e-learning.

The user undertakes to comply with the technical requirements for accessing and viewing the video course/video e-learning, which are set out on the website

User behaviour in the PROGRAMME

User behaviour should be appropriate and communications with other users, teachers and COMPANY staff should be in non-offensive and respectful language.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to expel any student who repeatedly fails to comply with the basic rules of behaviour and respect due to the teacher, classmates or COMPANY staff, which will result in expulsion from the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE without the right to any refund.

Right to withdraw

In accordance with article 102 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, the Customer may exercise their RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL within 14 calendar days from the date of formalisation of the purchase.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal will not be subject to any formality, being sufficient that the user communicates to the COMPANY his will within the period indicated above, being able to use for this purpose the email, where the procedure to follow to process the withdrawal of the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE will be indicated. The costs arising from returns or exchanges will be borne by the user.

Intellectual Property, Image and Voice Rights

All the works, contents and services that make up the content of the TRAINING PROGRAMME / COURSE are the property of THE COMPANY, whether they are authored by the teaching staff or by THE COMPANY.

The total or partial reproduction of the contents edited by THE COMPANY or by the information received in the training action is forbidden. The intellectual property rights of the content of the courses, seminars, etc., as well as the image and voice rights of the sessions of the same, are owned by THE COMPANY, and therefore their reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, even for personal and private use, is prohibited. Furthermore, it is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, distribute, publicly display or create derivative works of information or material contained on the website and/or documents supporting the study or consultation, even for personal and private use.

It is also forbidden to use any method to disclose or duplicate the teaching methodology or technology for any purpose whatsoever, even if it is for personal or private use.

Dispute settlement and applicable law

Any dispute arising from the interpretation of this document shall be subject to Spanish law and to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.